Daring Faith - Week 2 Small Group Notes

Daring Faith
Week 2

“Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish…He blessed the food and broke the loaves and He kept giving them to the disciples to set before the people.” Mark 6:41 (NASB)

What an incredible blessing it must have been to be in the crowd the day Jesus multiplied the fish and the loaves! The disciples were looking at the situation in the physical realm, yet Jesus was about to do something they couldn’t imagine – turn two fish and five loaves into enough food to feed 5,000 men. As we prepare for Daring Faith, let’s look at how God wants us to take the unsolvable problems in our lives, give what little we have to him, put it into his hands and expect God to multiply it. Let’s look at the size of our God instead of the size of our problems and trust him with daring faith.

“But he answered, “You give them something to eat.” They said to him, “That would take more than half a year’s wages! Are we to go and spend that much on bread and give it to them to eat?” Mark 6:37 (NIV)

  1. Have each member of the group identify an unsolvable problem (where they need a miracle) in their life. Then take a moment and discover each person’s response to the problem: procrastination, passing the buck or worrying. How does knowing Jesus is standing right beside you change how you view this problem?

    “He asked this only to test him, for he already had in mind what he was going to do.” John 6:6 (NIV)
  2. Before he even saw the 5,000 and had compassion on them, Jesus knew he would feed them. How often do you speak of trusting the Lord, but in reality you lean on an earthly source of supply? List ways God has provided for you over the past year. What has this taught you about him and how he provides miracles in your life?
  3. Referencing Mark 6:41 above, how does putting everything into Jesus’ hands tap into the inexhaustible fullness of the power of God? This miracle not only met the needs of the people, but caused the disciples to grow in their knowledge of Jesus.  If you are waiting on a miracle in your life, what might God want you to do so that you draw closer to him?

    Jesus: ”A Kernel of wheat must be given away and planted in the soil.  Unless it does and is buried, it will remain a single seed.  But its death will produce many more seeds and a great harvest!” John 12:24
  4. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the result.   What is God asking you to sacrifice by faith for a greater result?  What one specific thing can you do by faith this week as an expression of your surrender to God?
  5. As you develop a daring faith, you can expect to grow spiritually. How have you grown spiritually because of the storms in your life? Where do you doubt God’s presence the most? How can overcoming this doubt be transforming?
  6. Imagine yourself as the small boy who gave up his lunch for the crowd. What kind of joy do you think he experienced and how can you find that kind of joy in your life?