Daring Faith - Week 2 Recap

I have always wrestled with the concept of faith and miracles. What if I pray for years and don’t receive a miracle? Is God truly faithful at all times, even in my lack of faith? This past Sunday, Pastor Nic showed us not how to solve all of our problems and receive prosperity, but how to truly get ready for a miracle.

In the conversation of miracles, it’s important to first remember the greatest miracle of all time: Jesus. He is the one who was prophesied throughout the Old Testament, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and died in our place to bridge the gap of sin and death, reconciling us to God. Jesus was the personification of a miracle, and the fact that He would redeem and rescue us is the greatest miracle of all time!

In the story of the loaves and the fish in Mark 6, I am captured by not only the faith of the child who gave what little he had, but the child had the faith and obedience to give it all to God! Not only did he see God receive that, he saw God perform a miracle with it. Personally, the hardest step for me is putting what I have in the hands of Jesus! There have been many times in my life where I held onto what I had for reasons of safety or security. I have always been afraid of losing it. What if I give something to God and receive nothing in return? That’s where I have always been wrong: God will do something miraculous with everything I give Him! It may look different than I was expecting, but He is always faithful to provide for you! Faith in Christ is planting a seed and expecting it to grow.

         Jesus: “A kernel of wheat must be given away and planted in the soil.
         Unless it dies and is buried, it will remain a single seed. But its death
         will produce many more seeds and a great harvest!”
 John 12:24

What would happen if you gave what little you had and put it all in the hands of Jesus? I challenge you, give Him what you have, plant a seed, expect Him to use it for your good, and wait for Him to grow your life and expand your faith!

“God doesn’t just want to do a miracle for you, He wants to do a miracle through you.”