Daring Faith - Week 7 Recap

Let’s face it, it’s 2018 and committing to something seems to become harder and harder every day. Our schedules are full, our family time is limited at best, and it’s hard to know what should take priority. Therefore, I find myself saying ‘no’ to a lot of different opportunities because I want to fully invest in what I commit to. We commit to what we prioritize, and we prioritize what we value. 

I’m sure that if I had an individual conversation with each of you reading this, you would agree that church should be a priority; but at what level? What have you said ‘no’ to in order to prioritize church? The fellowship of God’s people doesn’t end on Sunday mornings, true, but the advancement of the Kingdom is peaked on Sunday mornings! If we are to truly live with a Kingdom mindset and want to see Jesus work in the life of people than that will always start with the Church.

Romans 12: “Each of us finds our meaning and function as a part of His body.” I love the way that is written. Our purpose is found in Christ! If we are valuing, prioritizing, and committing to the work of God than we have to commit to being a part of His body. Luckily for all of us, we most likely did not wake up today and find out that our left arm took a day off of work. We function fully as a Church for the sake of the Kingdom only when all parts are working at full speed. 

You need the Church just as much as the Church needs you. Spiritual growth, relational growth, and emotional growth happen in a community. The culmination of beautiful community is when God’s people gather together. Where two are more are gathered, so is God; and as we all know, if God is there, what could be better? 

I challenge you today: Commit to the church. Make church a priority. Give, serve, think, strategize, and help us make the church an even brighter beacon in Sarasota. This weight does not fall on the staff or leaders of the church, it falls on all of us! 

- Pastor Brandon