South Shore Students

Together, we help students and their families find and follow Jesus Christ.

When we meet
Every Tuesday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm (unless there is a 5th Tuesday in a month, we take a break anytime there is a 5th Tuesday).

Where we meet
Due to construction, we are meeting next door to the church property at the Salvation Army

What our meetings normally look like
- First Tuesday of each month -
This is where the party is at! On the first Tuesday of each month, we gather together for a big, youth-rally type event. We will schedule different events such as glow nights, guest speakers & bands, bubble soccer, laser tag, etc. in order to create an atmosphere that students want to be a part of. We will offer food at the beginning of the night, then normally move into our game or special activity, and conclude the evening with worship and a gospel-centered message.

- Second, Third and Fourth Tuesday of each month -
The rest of the Tuesday nights in each month are intentionally geared towards building friendships, cultivating community, and developing students spiritually. We don't just want youth group to be fun (although we like to party), we want it to be a place that students can belong; long before they even believe. So these other Tuesday nights will be much more stripped down in terms of programming and we will break up into small groups by age and gender where small group leaders build relationships and lead important discussions about biblical truths that meet students where they are.

- Fifth Tuesday -
Anytime there is a fifth Tuesday in a month, we take that week off to give students and the leadership team a much needed break in the chaos.

Why we meet
We believe that the Bible teaches believers to gather together regularly (Hebrews 10:25). We also believe it is important for students to have a welcoming and safe atmosphere where they can ask questions, worship without judgement and deal with the issues they face every day. We also believe it is important for that place to be full of their peers and adult leaders who love them and desire to disciple them to become who God intended for them to be. Students will remember a person who loved them well far longer than they remember a program.

How you can be involved
We believe that student ministry exists not to become a baby sitting service. Nor do we believe that student ministry can in any way replace the impact that parents have on their kids. We exist to come alongside not only students, but entire families. We invite each parent to be as involved in the Student Ministry as they feel led by the Holy Spirit. We are there to offer support, prayer, and biblical guidance to you and your students through everything that life may throw at you.

Contact the Student Leader: Scott for more info!

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